Action Alerts

This is where the rubber hits the road.  Please help us contact elected representatives and local officials.  Show up at hearings and testify if you can.  Grassroots democracy begins with all of us doing what we can.

Bill to reform the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) has been introduced into the Colorado Legislature.

COGCC Reform Bill:  removes the charge of “fostering” oil and gas development and replaces it with the duty to “regulate” it in a way that prioritizes health and safety;  Removes two of the three oil and gas industry representatives to the COGCC and replaces them with a wildlife protection expert a public health expert;  Allows local governments to treat oil and gas operations just like they do every other industry, including the ability to condition or deny permits.

Representative Mullica’s wants to introduce a bill to limit vaccine exemptions in Colorado.

This is basically forced vaccination of children against the wishes of their parents.  (See the GPOC issues page on vaccines).  You can contact the House Leadership and ask them to NOT allow Representative Mullica to introduce this bill. Give them a call or send an email:  Speak of the House – KC Becker –  – 303-866-2578

Majority Leader – Alec Garnett –  – 303-866-2911

Minority Leader – Patrick Neville –  – 303-866-5523

The video The Irrefutable Argument Against Vaccine Safety – with Author Del Bigtree  was on YouTube, but appears to have been censored:

It can be found here:

Or here:

PG&E is asking to be exempted from inspections before re-opening Diablo Canyon reactor #1, which has been shut down for refueling.

PG&E is bankrupt and there are suspicions of deferred maintenance and possible embrittlement of the reactor.  For info, See:

More here:

Sign the petition to demand inspections here: