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Wed, 08 May 2019 1607 h

Let’s call this the ‘Ramblin’ Reprobate Review’, news from Colorado’s true Green Party (G.P.). I will try to keep up with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, aka: A.O.C. One might ask ‘Why This’ or ‘So What’? She got elected by successfully employing what her predecessors, e.g., R. Nader & Dr. Jill Stein, of the Green Party; tried to do with the largest portion of Americans who are disenfranchised by the likes of who she beat. It appears that her opponent totally failed to realize just how smart his constituents are and grandly underestimated how many of them would get off their duff, register, and vote-for her. Now he’s got lots of time to think about that now that A.O.C. blew him sooo far out of the water (in his own? back yard) that he is still in ‘Low Earth Orbit’! …Talk about ‘Ruffled Feathers’?

A little review of her unbribed feats: She whipped a 10 term incumbent, corporatist Democratic sycophant who out spent her 13.5:1, for openers. Ya know, it all comes from that corporate ‘Horn of Plenty’, ‘Dirty Money’ that feeds pretty much all her peers (if she has any). No ‘Dirty Money’ for her either. And can you just imagine how much money she had from tending her bar job? That’s ‘bar’-as in saloon, not ‘bar’ as in ‘Corporation$ & Attorney’$ A$$ociation$’. Can you imagine such a refreshing change for the better (unless you are a moneyed sycophant). As mentioned in numerous places in the press, she had ZERO name recognition. Heck, as an Ol’ white guy at 74, couldn’t even pronounce her name let alone remember it. LOL. This sounds like the best ‘David & Goliath (on steroids)’ story I’ve ever heard!

Since then, she (and her predecessors) has started giving lessons, to all who will listen, about the benefits of that verboten subject: SOCIALISM! It has long been the practice that the rich and ultra-rich, who cannot survive without all those Bail Outs (SOCIALISM), know that they must push ‘CAPITALISM’ onto the 99%ers so there will be ‘Bail Out Money’ (TAXES) for folks like donald duck. Such Bail Out $$$ is augmented by their phrase ‘Where’s the Money Going to Come From?’ when the 99%ers want a meager benefit from all those taxes THEY PAY. When was the last time you heard the 1%ers ask: ‘Where’s the Money Going to Come From’, when they wanted to invade a country of poor people for their natural resources? Think OIL in Venezuela, aka: VIETNAM VI. …And who pays for those wars? Our POOR and their POOR. Hey, when was the last time you read of a BILLIONAIRE dying in combat?

Not to get ahead of myself, but talk about SLAP DOWNS – how ’bout that stogy old Billionaire fart (what a Patriot?) from the Department of Commerce, being GRILLED by A.O.C. in committee to the point where he ILLEGALLY refused to answer her incriminating, skillful questions? This made it totally clear that he respects us NOT. It was as if he had NEVER HAD to respond to real QUESTIONS before, and wasn’t, in a thousand years, about to respond to an intelligent lady one third his age!
Then the most watched C-Span of all where she grills a group of lawyers on just what a candidate can cheat, deceive and commit the ‘Crimes of Omissions’ on to get elected – WOW! Now there’s a real college educated person! Good thing the committee chair demanded he answer the questions.
Where did you learn about the all newly elected politician’s indoctrination, that according to A.O.C. flows from the mouths of big corporations lawyers in an attempt to explain just WHO is boss in Washington, D.C. This is a really big FIRST for me.

All this wants to make me RALPH! Now I’m sending all my requests to MY elected representatives, via Post Cards made out to: Your Representative
c/o Representative A. Ocasio-Cortez
229 Cannon HOB
Washington, DC 20515
My first Post Card starts with the question: ‘Are you paying your support staff enough to get the quality of presentations of A.O.C.? (….LOL!) You can be sure, far beyond a shadow of doubt, that ALL staff members will read every word, BEFORE it gets to its destination.

Now that is a real REPROBATE!

…More to come folks. How ’bout the NEW President of the Ukraine who, last week, was a comedian who beat another incumbent sycophant, did I hear 3:1?