Relevant Reprobate Ramblings – From Greg

Here’s an idea that’s new to me: How ’bout send post cards, so you won’t exceed their attention spans, to elected politicos in care of their staunchest oponants? This could have at least two important effects: getting their attention – at least for a period of time they are willing to squander on the 99%ers; showing you care; showing who you care about; suggesting solutions and new concepts; and chiding them into actions you want.

Here is an example I’m about to send to a real boat rocker – it speaks for itself:

Ed Perlmutter,
Just a quick postcard to let you know I’m thinking of you. Thanks for taking my question at your Sr. Day ‘meet the voters’ shindig in Thornton, on 1 March. Your 4 min response for by 65 min. trip was time well spent, LOL! Your changing MY question (is there a lesson from A.O.C.’s style for the House?) into YOURS (all those new young Reps who get NO MEDIA TRACTION) and answering it instead is sooo privileged, arrogant, and corporatist. It says a lot.
Have you thought of raising YOUR assistant’s wages to that of HER’s, so you would get quality policies for the folks who voted YOU into office? As A.O.C. DOES NOT ‘SUCK UP’ to special interests and their campaign $$$! In great contrast and the ‘Fab Four+’, YOU TOO could come across as having ‘BALLS’ & the same ‘PRIVILEGE’ as your constituents – and be on your way to the W.H. Do you think she’ll SELL OUT? I think not.
A.O.C., Thank you so much for explaining first day orientation, comprised solely of lubed up, slicked up, privileged, corporate scum with their marching orders as to who you now really serve? Thanks Ed for not explaining this to your poorly/marginally represented constituents.

Reprobate Greg